The surface of the rock slowly rolled in front of me, dark and forbidding, even in the brutal, ghostly white light of the isis. At this distance it was utterly featureless, matte-black velvet with an occasional diamond twinkle, like one of those expensive dresses in the interactives. My heart pounded, as it always did when I approached one of those monstrosities. Slamming into this thing head-on wouldn’t even leave a dent — on it. And not enough of me to feed the algae back home. I held my breath. The seconds stretched out into eternity. (Continue Reading)

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Guedado is an asteroid miner’s son, who grew up playing ball in zero G, and doesn’t even know what “planet” means. His girlfriend is a hacker, who has not heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat” nearly often enough — and if she did, she didn’t pay attention. Everyone they know lives in a Residence, where their every step is being watched — for their safety and convenience, of course. Where privacy is a commodity they can trade at the push of a button, and the past has been edited beyond recognition. Where the regular “bus drive” to work takes weeks floating through darkness, and everyone might die. Not to mention, the food tastes mostly awful.

Gue is still too young to know that most things are never what they seem. Too inexperienced to realize, that there is more going on between the Families in the Isis system than meets the eye. Too busy with his own problems to notice that something big is coming, and it is going to sweep him up, together with his friends, and the Families — and their world will never be the same again.

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Sample chapters

1/31: Dead On Arrival

8/31: The Game

14/31: Rat Transport

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Science Fiction, Tech, sarcasm, and philosophical ramblings about the Universe.

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